About us

Our company, KOKKAshoes, has been involved in the footwear industry since 1977 and our experience is our main criterion when it comes to making elegant and comfortable shoes for our customers. Having high expectations for our work and progress, we created a workshop fully equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and manned with our carefully chosen experienced personnel whom we share our expertise with. Our collaborations with acknowledged designers of the field combined with acquiring the proper equipment that fulfills our needs has taken us a step further seeking inspiring designs, thus making our designing department one of the strongest points of our company. Our efforts throughout all these years have met with recognition by the public and, more especially, our customers which forced us to do more, to produce more, to broaden our collaborative network in all of Greece, expand in Cyprus and other countries and aim to an increase of our share in the footwear market. Our main priority is to provide high material quality every time we begin to make a pair of comfortable, durable shoes which will meet and satisfy consumers’ needs.